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Reviews and events of anything and everything! I have chosen the latest releases because if I was to choose from things in the past, I could go on forever.

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Perfume, A Story of a Murderer: Based in 18th Century France, this is a compelling tale of an unwanted boy and his way in the world. The main character Jean has the most gift nose in the world for scent. He finds his way to Paris to become a perfumer’s assistant. But ever where he goes trouble follows, his amoral and takes what he wants/needs despite the consequences. I personally loved this film and the cast such as Alan Rickman and Dustin Hoffman. Ben Whinshaw as Jean is amazing showing innocence, naivety and greed.


Currently reading Piercing the Darkness by K. Ramsland
American Vampires by Norine Dresser
Published, 1990

This book is about the vampire image and persona and its effects on the American/Western culture.

In Europe most people still view the vampire as a decaying corpse, a horrific evil entity, but in America with the rise of popular fiction novels and Hollywood, they have made the vampire into a beautiful complex character full of the three traits that Westerns obsess on the most - Sex, Immortality and Power.

The book goes into great detail and research on the literary vampire, porphyria, and Stoker's Dracula. It also researches groups and fans of the vampire myth/legend rather than the Vampyre subculture that we know of today. Although some chapters do include information on blood drinking experiences and interviews with people who say they are vampires.

The book also goes into detail about the historic vampire accounts, like the vampire of Rhode Island, and one story that stuck out in my mind is that a teenage girl committed suicided and said she would come back to life as a vampire and go to her high school and kill a specific amount of people on a specific day. This created mass hysteria, and the funny thing is - that same specific amount, is the exact amount of people who stayed home from school that day.

If you like to read about studies on medical and psychological vampirism, the history of the myth of the vampire and how it has blown up into a cultural phenomenon - then you will truly enjoy this book and value its insight.

It is a small book, so it does not drag the read down into hundreds of specifics and the book flows very well from chapter to chapter.


Diva Destruction – New album Run Cold: I am a big fan of Diva Destruction so my view is obviously going to be biased. Their death rock roots are shinning through in this new 11 song album. The headline song Run Cold pounds its way into your heart and my favourite ‘therapeutic’ song is The 4th Knife. This is a must have for every old school Goth!

Bands I recommend for people to check out:
PsiVamp, Immaculate Black, Unto Ashes, Faith and the Muse, Aesma Daeva, The Last Dance, My Ruin, The Empire Hideous, Y Wolf, Curse and last but not least Wyrmwood


For a more in depth look at the events and clubs in Toronto you can log onto Toronto Goth

The Vatikan closed its doors in July 2006. It was a great club and many of us made some amazing memories there. Thank you to the owners and staff of the Vatikan for providing the Toronto Goth community with a home.

Velvet Underground - Located on Queen St. W., a couple blocks East of Bathurst St., it is easily accessible by public transit. They host various Gothic nights on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This bar has a large gorgeous wood bar, lush velvet drapes, massive dance floor and loads of seating. Doors open at 10:00pm.

Savage Garden - Located on Queen St. W., just East of Bathurst St., it is easily accessible by public transit. This bar hosts all Gothic nights. Doors open at 9:00pm, on regular nights there is no cover unless there is a special event going on. Savage Garden is filled with fantastic metal creatures and interesting lighting. You can count on hearing great music every time you go! Also I am a cage dancer here.

Neutral – Located at 349A Augusta Ave, off of College and Spadina. Doors open at 10pm, 19+ only. Spike Fridays with DJ Osaze, spinning alternative, Goth, EBM. Re:Union Sundays with DJs Micheal X and Dwight. Cover is usually free or cheap. An underground, dark cozy oasis, with great drink deals and friendly atmosphere.

Funhaus – 526 Queen St. W. just down the street from Savage Garden, in the heart of the Gothic/Alternative club central. Open Fridays and Saturdays featuring Gothic and Alternative rooms. They are home to regular popular events in Toronto such as Fetish Masquerade and Dark Rave.