"Eyes speak no more, heart feel no fear for she can see all."

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Autumnal Greetings!
Blessed Mabon to everyone and I hope that the Harvest Moon is kind to you all.
Madame Webb will be travelling to NYC for Hallween festivities, and looking forward to a much needed vacation.
This Halloween Madame Webb and her photography are featured in the dark subculture magazine the 9th Gate,
Be sure to get your copy here:
And on November 1st, Webb will be appearing in a special event put on by Toronto artists and clothing designers To Die For Designs.
Neo-Victorian Nightmares: A Clockwork Fantasy
She will be be in the fashion show as well as displaying her dark romantic photography.  Some of her prints will also be for sale that night.
Come out, come out - where ever you are!
Tickets will be available at the door, or online at: